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  • What are the different types of Fire Extinguishers?
    Fire Extinguishers are an integral part of the fire safety provisions in any building. At Concept Fire Sprinklers, we Install and Maintain the following Fire Extinguishers; - Powder - Foam - Carbon Dioxide - Water - Wet Chemical - Water Mist
  • Who is responsible for fire safety in a business?
    The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 states that employers, owners, landlords, or anyone working and/or living in a property are responsible for fire safety.
  • How often should you service Fire Sprinklers?
    We recommend weekly checks for Fire Sprinklers, which includes: alarm signalling and pump operation. The LPC Rules require that the below checks are carried out by onsite personnel once a week. These checks can be completed by onsite personnel as long as they have been trained to do so. You must: Check and record all water and air pressure gauges Check and record all water levels Check and record the correct position of all stop valves Carry out a water flow alarm test (gong/bell) for 30 seconds and record results Carry out an automatic pump start test and record results Carry out the diesel engine ‘restart’ test and record results Check trace heating system/s and record results Check the connection to the fire and rescue service and remote central station, and record results
  • Is it a legal requirement to have Fire Prevention Systems?
    As an employer, owner, occupier or managing agent (the responsible person), you can be held personally responsible for the general fire precautions within your premises.
  • What types of buildings need Fire Safety Systems?
    All buildings with employees or residents require a fire safety plan. At Concept Fire Sprinklers, we can help Design, Install and Maintain your Fire Safety. Contact us for a FREE Quote!
  • Do you need a fire prevention plan?
    We recommend that everyone needs some sort of fire prevention plan. We advise you utilise passive and active fire prevention systems in order to protect; family, friends, staff and your premises.
  • What are the rules for fire safety?
    You’re responsible for fire safety in a business or other non-domestic premises if you’re: · An employer · The owner · The landlord · An occupier · Anyone else with control of the premises. For example a facilities manager, building manager, managing agent or risk assessor. You are known as the ‘responsible person’. If there is more than one responsible person, you have to work together to meet your responsibilities. The Fire Safety Order also applies if you have paying guests, for example if you run a bed and breakfast, guesthouse or let a self-catering property.
  • Why do we need Fire Prevention Systems?
    Whether you're a Commercial or Domestic customer, we truly believe there is a need for fire safety. The purpose of a fire prevention plan is to help identify fire hazards preventing any unwanted scenarios!
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