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Mist Systems

CA4001 & EN14972-1 with Annexe A Approval

Fire Mist Systems can be used in a range of environments, and cause less damage to the contents of a building as they use less water.


Water droplets in Mist Systems are so fine that they do not descend below the 'burning' of a fire, and are successfully able to control, suppress or even extinguish the fire. 


Mist Systems provide thermodynamic cooling through evaporation and oxygen reduction through steam displacement, which makes them a perfect solution for Industrial Plants that store hazardous chemicals. 

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Mist Systems

Secure your Home or Business with Mist Systems

Thanks to our innovative engineering, testing and customer-based strategy, at Concept Fire and Security, we're able to provide you with the best quality Fire Mist Systems available today. 

We're honoured to work with Domestic and Commercial Customers throughout the UK. Located in Cardiff, our services are primarily available throughout South Wales, the South West of England, and the Midlands. However, we are able to service any region in the United Kingdom as  we have successfully completed many projects across the country. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and expertise. We've been in the Fire Security Industry for over 20 years and our Lead Engineer, Terry, has been working in Fire Prevention for over 25 years! This means we're unbeaten when it comes to providing expertise and recommendations on the best Fire Prevention Systems for your Home or Business. 

Mist Systems are a great Fire Safety solution as they:

  • Use less water, which means less damage to your contents.

  • Removes Heat & Oxygen!

  • Fully scalable per project.

  • Are easy to Install and Maintain. 

  • Save space, whilst keeping the highest level of Fire Safety. 

At Concept Fire Sprinklers, you can rest assured that all of your Fire Prevention requirements are handled with upmost care and expertise. We are there at every step of the way from the inception of your idea to installation, servicing and maintenance of Mist Systems in any Domestic or Commercial site. 

Concept Fire Sprinklers are thrilled to have many accreditations under our belt, and work to the following standards:

  • Fire Sprinklers - BS9251 Installation Engineer and BS9251 Design Technician. 

  • BAFE Certified. 

  • Fire Trace Certified Designer and Installer. 

  • CAD Certified Technician.

  • Installers of FM, LPCB & NFPA Approved Products. 

  • Dry & Wet Riser BS 9990 2015.

  • FHC for BS 12845 (Commercial) / BS 9251 2021 (Residential).

Mist Systems

What are the benefits of Mist Systems?

Damage Control

Mist Systems cause less damage to contents as they use less water and the mist is able to evaporate quicker.

No Tanks Required

Unlike Sprinkler Systems, Fire Mist Systems don't require external tanks in your Home / Property meaning... no loss of space!

Less Water

Water Mist Systems require less water to suppress/manage a fire than traditional Sprinkler Systems. 

Lower Cost

Mist Systems are a cost-effective way to secure your premises and protect them from fire due to quicker installation times.

Mist Systems Maintenance Servicing

It is important for Fire Mist Systems to be regularly maintained and serviced in order to ensure that the system is functioning properly and is able to detect and extinguish any fires that may occur. Regular maintenance and servicing can help to identify any issues before they become serious, which can help to prevent major damage and losses. Additionally, regular servicing can help to extend the life of the system and ensure that it is able to provide reliable protection when it is needed. Concept Fire Sprinklers offer Maintenance and Servicing Packages for your Fire Extinguishers. Get in touch for your free quote! 

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