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Wet Risers

BS9990 2015 Compliant

Wet Risers are installed in buildings over 50 meters high, and are used by Fire Brigades to suppress fire. 

What's great about Wet Risers is that they are constantly charged with water, meaning they are available for immediate use. Wet Risers are a form of an internal hydrant system in a building where water is pumped from ground level to different areas of a building.

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Wet Risers

Secure your Home or Business with Wet Risers

Wet Risers are used by the Fire Service, or alternative trained personnel, in the event of a Fire where it is difficult to position/use a Dry Riser.  They are used to supply water within buildings in the event of a Fire. 

Wet Risers should be used in buildings over 50 meters in height to ensure the highest level of safety. In houses, a Dry Riser or Wet Riser Fire Main can be used.

Concept Fire Sprinklers are specialists in the Design, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Wet Riser Systems in line with the BS 9990:2015 Regulations. 

Regular Testing and Maintenance are also required, which we can also take over or manage.

Wet Risers

What are the benefits of Wet Risers?

More Reliable

Wet Risers are a great solution to suppress/prevent fire as they are more effective for taller buildings (e.g. Office Blocks, Flats). This allows Fire Fighters to easily access and move water to areas of the building that need it.

Suppress spread of fire

Wet Risers are a very powerful Fire Prevention solution as they are able to distribute water to multiple areas of a building; great for large office blocks and flats.

Wet Riser Maintenance Servicing

Wet Risers are essential firefighting systems that are used to supply water to fire hoses and other firefighting equipment. They must be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure that they are in full working order in the event of a fire emergency. Regular maintenance and servicing can help to identify any potential problems that may cause failure of the system. It also helps to increase the life span of the system, ensuring that it is reliable when it is needed most. Concept Fire Sprinklers offer Maintenance and Servicing Packages for your Wet Riser Systems. Get in touch for your free quote! 

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