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Dry Risers

Installation & Maintenance to BS9990

A Dry Riser is a System of Pipes and Valves that are installed in buildings that have more than 6 stories. They are extremely beneficial for Fire Service Teams, who need access to water in the event of a fire on multiple floors. 

Dry Risers should be installed in buildings where the floor is between 18 & 60 meters above ground level. This is roughly a building with 6 to 17 stories. 

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Dry Risers

Secure your Home or Business with Dry Risers

A Dry Riser is a System of Pipes and Valves that run through a building, making it easier for Fire Fighters to easily access water on each floor of a building in the event of a fire. Dry Risers minimise Fire Teams dragging hoses through buildings, thus delaying the fire-fighting!  They should be installed in buildings where the floor is between 18 & 60 meters above ground level. This is roughly a building with 6 to 17 stories. They are also required where there are floors more than 10 metres below ground. The dry risers are usually located in the fire fighting shaft.

To ensure its effectiveness and legal compliance, your system needs to be designed, installed and regularly tested to meet British Standards namely BS9990:2015, BS9991, BS9999 and Approved Document B (Fire Safety) of the Building Regulations (England & Wales).


The owner, landlord, or manager of the building will need to show that the dry riser system has been tested and a valid compliance certificate is present if a fire occurs.


BS9990 recommends testing a dry riser every six months, and it is a legal requirement to test them annually.

It's essential to hire a company that specialises in the design, installation, and testing of dry riser systems. Concept Fire Sprinklers would be delighted to help!

We're honoured to work with Domestic and Commercial Customers throughout the UK. Located in Cardiff, our services are primarily available throughout South Wales, the South West of England, and the Midlands. However, we are able to service any region in the United Kingdom as we have successfully completed many projects across the country. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and expertise. We've been in the Fire Security Industry for over 20 years and our Lead Engineer, Terry, has been working in Fire Prevention for over 25 years! This means we're unbeaten when it comes to providing expertise and recommendations on the best Fire Prevention Systems for your Home or Business. 

Maintenance of Dry Riser Systems is just as important as Installation. At Concept Fire Sprinklers, we offer bespoke Maintenance and Service packages across our Dry Riser Systems to insure you're protected at all times!

Dry Risers

What are the benefits of Dry Risers?

No building requirements

What's great about Dry Risers is that the structure of the building does not need to be altered when installing this Fire Prevention System.


Dry Risers provide quicker and more efficient access to water main systems in the event of a fire.

Dry Riser Maintenance Servicing

It is important for dry risers to be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure that they are in good working order and can be used in the event of a fire emergency. Fire safety regulations require that dry risers are checked and tested at least once a year to ensure that they are in full working order and that all components are in good condition. Regular servicing and maintenance also helps to detect any potential problems or defects early, so that they can be addressed before they become an issue. Concept Fire Sprinklers offer Maintenance and Servicing Packages for your Dry Riser Systems. Get in touch for your free quote! 

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