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Fire Hose. Wet Risers. Dry Riser. Fire Safety Solutions Cardiff, UK

Industry Leading Fire Safety Solutions

Protecting our customers' premises for over 20 years.

Concept Fire Sprinklers have had many successful years working in the Fire Industry, with proven experience in installing the most appropriate fire prevention systems and making sure they work! 

We’re also completely independent, meaning when it comes to recommending equipment we are not pressured into pushing one product over another. All of our recommendations come from good intent, providing you only the best security. 

We specialise in; Fire Sprinklers, Fire Extinguishers, Dry and Wet Risers, Mist Systems, Aspiration Systems & more!


To ensure reliability and ongoing spares support, we work with some of the most respected equipment suppliers in our industry such as; Viking, BSS, Application Engineering, Triple P Projects and Fire Trace.

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Services: Services
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Fire Sprinklers

BS9251 Installation Engineer and BS9251 Design Technician Certified.

​Fire Sprinklers are designed to contain/minimise the spread of Fire, whilst the Fire Service are on their way. What's great about Fire Sprinklers is that they cause less water damage than a Fire Hose. Without Fire Sprinklers, a Fire can spread faster, causing more damage and threat to life. 

If you live in a Flat or a Building that is over 11 meters in height, you are required to have a Fire Suppresion System installed.

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