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Enhancing Safety and Sustainability: Our Journey with ENABLELINK in Metal Recycling

At Concept Fire Sprinklers, we are thrilled to be part of an incredible project alongside ENABLELINK, leaders in metal recycling and processing. Over the past year, we have been diligently working on installing 300 meters of underground mains to bolster the safety measures at their processing plant.

Fire risk is a major concern in metal processing plants, and the potential consequences are significant – from costly downtime and repairs to environmental damage. To combat these challenges, we are partnering with Viking to supply two state-of-the-art Foam Cannon Automatic GPS Tracked Suppression Systems. These systems are equipped with cutting-edge environmentally-safe foam additives that pose no threat to wildlife or the environment.

Safety is our utmost priority, and our bespoke systems are fully monitored with automatic functions and wireless remote operation to ensure the safety of the plant operators. Utilising GPS technology, we can plot the Area of Risk and deploy foam suppression precisely to safeguard the employees and the facility.

Working in collaboration with DUTYPOINT, we are constructing a tailored supply pump system with modern dual pump features and a jockey pump as a backup. Our team has meticulously developed this system through advanced hydraulic calculations to meet the project's unique specifications.

As a family-run brand, we couldn't be prouder and more excited to contribute to such a significant project that prioritises safety, sustainability, and environmental protection.

Stay tuned for updates on the project's progress, and don't forget to turn on post notifications to be the first to receive our latest posts!

Together, we are making a difference in securing a safer and greener future for metal recycling and processing.

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