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The benefits of having a Fire Sprinkler system

Are you considering purchasing a Fire Sprinkler system but aren't sure where to begin?

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of why you need a Fire Sprinkler system, their overall benefits and why choose Concept Fire Sprinklers for your installation.

  • Sprinkler systems save lives & reduce injuries. They raise the alarm & start tackling the Fire automatically. This helps to stop Fire & Smoke spread and gives people more time to get out/to safety..

  • ·Sprinklers protect your property. They can contain & Extinguish a Fire before the Fire Service Arrives. This reduces Smoke, Fire & Water Damage to your Property & the contents within.

  • ·Sprinklers reduce the impact of Fire on the Environment. They reduce the amount of water needed to put out a fire & reduce contaminated water run-off. Greenhouse gases are reduced as large-scale Fires are prevented.

  • Installing & maintaining a Sprinkler system has far more benefits than simply reducing Fire Risks. Leading insurance companies offer a premium reduction of up to 50% of those with effective Sprinkler Systems. The average premium is reduced between 10-15%

Why choose Concept Fire Sprinklers as your Installer & Maintainer?

  • We're a Cardiff-based family-run Fire Security Business, serving customers across the UK for over 20 years

  • Our Engineers have over 20 years of experience within the Fire Sprinkler Industry & take pride in their work & expertise.

We have many accreditations under our belt, and work to the following standards:

  • Fire Sprinklers - BS9251 Installation Engineer and BS9251 Design Technician.

  • BAFE Certified.

  • Fire Trace Certified Designer and Installer.

  • CAD Certified Technicians.

  • Installers of FM, LPCB & NFPA Approved Products.

  • Dry & Wet Riser BS 9990 2015.

  • FHC for BS 12845 (Commercial) / BS 9251 2021 (Residential).​​

Get in touch today for a FREE, no-obligation quote!

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