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Fire Sprinklers Systems

BS 9251:2021 British Standards

With over 20 Years in the Industry, we are South Wales’ leading Fire Sprinkler Specialists.


In accordance with the latest British Standards (BS 9251:2014), catering to both Commercial and Domestic needs throughout the UK, we specialise in Design, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Sprinklers using our Bespoke Design Service. 

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Fire Sprinklers

Secure your Home or Business with Fire Sprinkler Systems

Protecting Lives and Property using Fire Sprinklers is at the forefront of our minds; that’s why we TAILOR each Fire Sprinkler to the needs of our Customers. 


Fire Sprinkler protection is required in all kinds of buildings: schools, office buildings, theatres, and it’s crucial in the most susceptible place to fire – your home. 


Concept Fire & Security will add value to your systems, by giving you the right mix of; functionality, flexibility and options for future growth in line with your budget. Our expert engineers are highly skilled at sourcing the right fire equipment for you! After all, we have got over 20 years of experience! We know what works, and what doesn’t. We work with a range of Fire Sprinkler Systems, and we’ll definitely have one to suit your requirements, so contact us today for your FREE, no-obligation quote! 

Fire Sprinkler Types


Sprinkler delivery systems can be classified into three types: mains fed, boosted mains fed, and pump and tank.

Mains Fed refers to a connection directly to the town's main water supply. In this case, backflow protections are needed to prevent water from the sprinkler system from reentering the mains supply. To ensure adequate flow and pressure, mains fed systems need to be tested prior to installation. There are some additional requirements associated with shared water supplies.

Boosted Mains Fed is a connection to a boosted water supply. Typically, in blocks of flats, a tank of water will be pumped to guarantee pressure and flow of cold water services to the flats. This can be used for sprinkler supplies, however, special measures must be in place to safeguard the sprinkler supplies and sometimes prioritise them.

Pump and Tank supplies can be either solely for the sprinkler use or share the tank with other services. In shared use, there must be specific requirements met. Sprinkler tanks and pumps will be sized by the hydraulic calculations using the risk category run time and number of heads calculated. Tanks can vary from 1200L category 1 up to 9000L category 3. All tanks can have a reduced storage amount by using a proven infill from a mains backup.

Here at Concept Fire Sprinklers, we can advise and consult on correct design, installation an maintenance of Fire Sprinklers.

Fire Sprinklers

Did you know, we offer Fire Sprinkler Maintenance / Servicing?

Regulatory Reform

To comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, Fire Systems must be regularly serviced and maintained. 


Concept Fire Sprinklers offer a range of different Servicing/ Maintenance Agreements! 

Find Hidden Errors

A professional will be able to test your Fire Systems to identify any hidden faults which may have developed.


Without professional maintenance, you may not know that there are potentially life-threatening errors. 

Qualified engineers

Ready to help Supply, Design, and Install Fire Sprinklers.  BS9251 Installation Engineer and BS9251 Design Technician Certified.


Tailored Design and Installation for your specific requirements.


Customers’ Safety are the forefront of our Installation.


24/7 Call Out Support.

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