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The importance of regularly maintaining and servicing your Fire Safety Systems

Protects Building

Having Fire Prevention Systems in place to protect buildings and the people inside it is fantastic (and the law)! However, if you don't get them regularly maintained, how do you know they're working as they should?

Personal Safety

Having regular servicing and maintenance on your Fire Safety Systems means you can potentially safe lives in the event of a fire. Without checking your Fire Safety Systems, how can you rely on them?

Peace of mind

Most recently, new builds, flats and commercial buildings are required to have Fire Prevention Systems Installed. Once having them installed, it's essential you have regular maintenance for peace of mind to ensure that when these Fire Systems are needed... they work!

Identify hidden faults

A professional will be able to test your Fire Systems to identify any hidden faults which may have developed. Without professional maintenance, you may not know that there are potentially life-threatening errors. 

We Service and Maintain the following Fire Safety Systems:

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Fire Sprinklers

BS9251 Installation Engineer and BS9251 Design Technician Certified.

​Fire Sprinklers are designed to contain/minimise the spread of Fire, whilst the Fire Service are on their way. What's great about Fire Sprinklers is that they cause less water damage than a Fire Hose. Without Fire Sprinklers, a Fire can spread faster, causing more damage and threat to life. 

If you live in a Flat or a Building that is over 11 meters in height, you are required to have a Fire Suppresion System installed.

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